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Gum Arabic

It is a natural gum made of the hardened sap of two species of the acacia tree; Acacia Senegal and Acacia Seyal. Gum arabic is used primarily in the food industry as a stabilizer. It is used in printing, paint production, glue, cosmetics, various industrial applications including viscosity control in inks, pharma industry and in textile industries.

There are 2 common varieties in Gum Arabic – Acacia Senegal(Hashab) and Acacia Seyal(Talha). Further classification of Gum Arabic depends on the origin of the product, common varieties are – Sudanese and Nigerian.


  • Adhesive and Binder  
  • Emulsify the fat and retard sugar crystallization  
  • Stabilize  
  • Adhesive properties  
  • Suspending and binding  
  • Retard ice crystal formation and growth
  • Smoothen Texture and Binding agent

Hydrocolloid Plantations India is a unit of “The Gums and Colloids Group”.
HPI is a leading distributor of hydrocolloids - primarily Gum Ghatti, Gum Arabic, Gum Karaya and Gum Olibanum to the World.

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We primarily deal in the following Gums :
Gum Ghatti
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