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Gum Karaya

It is the dried exudates obtained from the tapping of the mature sterculia urens, a tree native in India. It is also known as Indian tragacanth, it is a complex polysaccharide. The swelling capacity makes it particularly useful as a thickening agent. It possesses two outstanding characteristics – its ability to form solutions of high viscosity and its high degree of stability under strongly acidic conditions.

Gum Karaya is an emulsifying agent; it works as a stabilizer and thickener in highly acidic food products. It is used as a thickener in medications, cosmetics, and denture adhesives; and as a binder and stabilizer in foods and beverages.


  • Swells quickly when dispersed in water
  • Produces viscous solutions
  • Foam stabiliser
  • Water binder, improves adhesion
  • Moisture retention and Thickener
  • Reduction of suck out of flavour
  • Source of Fibre

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HPI is a leading distributor of hydrocolloids - primarily Gum Ghatti, Gum Arabic, Gum Karaya and Gum Olibanum to the World.

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