Research & Development

HPI has already initiated the extensive research process on natural Indian gums since March 2004.

Various forest departments, agricultural departments, highly qualified agro-foresters as well as professional companies have been deputed and hired to continue this process.

We think a little different, we believe that the development of the gums has to be form the growth level itself. The company is now studying various aspects of the growth factors of Gum Ghatti and working at the minutest of the details of the tree to enhance the quality of the Gum resin at the growth level itself.

Technology (Research & Development)


Tissue Culture

With new technological developments like tissue culture, controlled growth with latest agricultural practices including proper irrigation, providing the plantation with enough nutrients to ensure better growth, safety from predators, we can ensure a better harvest of gums.

The chemical configuration of gums is also an important part of the research initiative.

Properties of certain chemicals which improve the resin quality in the tree are being assessed and understood so that their induction in the different growth stages of the tree improves the end result. We are still striving to find a natural way of harvesting more gum per tree.

Extraction Methodology

Contamination of the natural gums available at present occurs mostly because of poor handling.

The company has designed various tools (stainless steel) and systems through which the extraction of natural gums from the tree is completely hygienic.

Our TLEM (Tong Lump Extraction Methodology) has been an absolute success. In short, where the concept and procedures of HACCP are used by food companies at the factory level, we are using the same mechanism & techniques at the very grass root level.


ghatti gum product


Hydrocolloid Plantations India is a unit of “The Gums and Colloids Group”.
HPI is a leading distributor of hydrocolloids - primarily Gum Ghatti, Gum Arabic, Gum Karaya and Gum Olibanum to the World.

Our Products

We primarily deal in the following Gums :
Gum Ghatti
Gum Arabic
Gum Karaya
Gum Olibanum

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